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1: 1 coaching & psychotherapy

Where do we meet?

In my "Home-Base" practice in Regensburg

When a clear view becomes "necessary" again

In our personal, virtual practice room

Bitte beachten:

Bis auf Weiteres nehme ich keine Anfragen im Bereich der Psychotherapie an.

T here are times in life when the wind blows us straight in the face.
We lose our vision and we have neither a clear direction nor confidence to make decisions and move forward.

At some point in our lives we get to the point and notice that an inner voice - first softly, then louder - calls for change. It is simply the deep feeling that it is time to follow your own heart and thus the call of your own soul.

There is just one problem with this: your own inner being.

It is difficult for us to find access to our soul again and to open the door that has been closed for a long time.

It is easier for us with a counterpart. To recognize our soul itself and alone, without reflection, is almost impossible.

We simply cannot coach ourselves at this depth without getting lost in it or groping in the dark.

We stand in each other's way with our own opinions and beliefs, about ourselves, in such a way that a clear view of the situation is seldom possible. The best way to find out what your heart really wants to tell you - and how your heart establishes the connection to your soul - is to find someone who knows, understands, has lived through this path and accompanies you on it until it is noticeably your more authentic again Way will. A person, coach, who sees you and perceives your heart's desires, who can look deep into your soul and show you the way to get there.

So I can accompany you




according to the Heilpraktikergesetz

Behind every successful woman is her

Self striving for fulfillment

and this lives in a deep connection

to her soul.

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