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Be unique,

the others are already taken

Personal astrological advice is based on your natal chart / natal chart.

She gives you solution-oriented decision-making aids for private and professional questions that concern you at the moment.

In a detailed horoscope consultation, we consider your personal life issues, the nature of your personality structure, life patterns and your life's work.

Showing creative solutions for mental balance, personal strength and new perspectives is a special concern of my consultations.

You understand deep connections and develop effective strategies for the challenges in your life. Ask me your questions; The advice can provide you with valuable information as well as ideas for solutions and surprise you in many ways. According to the motto:

What I always wanted to know about myself ...

Courage for me

Sugar & Spice

A partnership horoscope is a guide for common goals and individual solutions in the private, (partnership, mother-child, father-child, friendship, colleagues,) or professional area.

It shows patterns of thought and action that you can use to better understand the dynamics of your relationship.

Important topics can be:

My male image in love

My female search image in love

How do we gain more understanding for our partner's point of view? Where does it mean to position oneself clearly?

Where can we support each other?

What challenges do we have to face?

What attracts us, what repels us?

Family values ​​and systemic entanglements.

Approach & distance

Profession & calling

In the long run, we can only feel comfortable at work if we do something that really interests and inspires us!

More and more people are looking for the actual vocation that really fulfills them, for which they “burn” and which gives them the feeling that they are not working at all but have turned their hobby into a profession. These questions are not only asked by young people who are about to complete their training, but increasingly by people in the second half of their lives. Possible topics are:

  • What exactly am I passionate about?

  • What work environment do I need to feel comfortable?

  • What has kept me from taking the first, concrete step so far?

  • What's up? New training, change of job? Increase your field of vision and get out of your comfort zone?

Be fulfilled

Wich way do I have to go?

Your annual topics in the solar horoscope:

We can of course feel our way from birthday to birthday because the wind of life blows our hair in our faces and blocks our view.

It is much more meaningful to know the prevailing time qualities and constellations in order to be able to live your own life consciously and fully.

It makes a big difference whether I always react because my view is restricted or act consciously because I know my challenges and the gifts of time.

Important steps require the right time.

Together we consider a period of one year more intensively, with clarification of the questions:

Which life topics and areas are activated?

What do you have to say goodbye? What needs to be integrated?

Accept time gifts

I will go part of your way with you

The children's horoscope gives hints and suggestions as to what a

Child needs for optimal development of his abilities and

In which areas it may be anxious and feel blockages.

The aim of the counseling is to give you / and you as parents new insights into the child, to develop an understanding of the individual needs and above all:

create the motivation to observe, engage with and learn from children.

With the help of astrology, accompany your child on paths that are waiting to be followed by the new generation.

Possible topics are: family & siblings, kindergarten, school, change of school, talents, sports and hobbies

Grow & unfold

Soul readings

The basis of this advice is spiritual astrology. It is the right choice for you if you can face reincarnative ideas openly and your spiritual development is important to you.

If the following questions concern you:

"Where do I come from and where do I go", karmic issues that burn on your soul.
If you want to see why recurring patterns make it difficult for you to fill your life and enjoy it with joy in the here and now. Be it in love for yourself, or for one you.

Likewise, if vocation in the spiritual realm is a strong issue for you that calls for clarity, courage and the next steps.

Image by Meiying Ng
Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Soul & development

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