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Where psychology looks into the water, astrology jumps into it.

C.G. Jung

Wenn wir den Mut finden, in unsere Tiefen hinabzutauchen,

finden wir dort so manch Wunder-volle Überraschung,

denn Perlen schwimmen nicht an der Oberfläche.

  E ven today the term astrology divides us  into two groups. Some are open and curious about it, others say: Astrology? I don't believe in that!

Correct! Astrology is not a religion or a creed, but a science that has accompanied and handed down over millennia. This was taught at universities until the Middle Ages, based on the primal knowledge that humans - like nature - are subject to certain laws.

Even if today scientifically oriented groups try to dismiss them as ridiculous, no one can deny that even C.G. Jung said:


Modern astrology is getting closer and closer to psychology and is already knocking audibly on the gates of the universities.

Astrology and its application in psychotherapy, coaching and consulting:

As part of my three-year training in individual psychology, I got to know and appreciate the book by the psychoanalyst Fritz Riemann, author of the classic "Basic Forms of Fear", as required reading.


He was one of the first to combine psychotherapy and astrology. By comparing the patient's horoscope with the psychoanalytically gained experience, he recognized that astrology and therapy "not only do not contradict each other, but also confirm and complement each other in many respects."


Like depth psychology, astrology also works with a symbolic language. C.G. Jung founded the concept of archetypes. These archetypes, which are part of the collective unconscious, are communicated in symbols.

The zodiac signs and the associated planets can also be viewed as such archetypal symbols. They describe forces in us that are effective in every human being. Due to their position of characters and houses, as well as the various connections among each other, they are colored differently in each person and filled with different feelings.


With this knowledge, astrology can help in psychological counseling, coaching and psychotherapy for adults and children to recognize and address the core of the human being more clearly. The use of psychological astrology in therapy and counseling often shortens the duration by a considerable amount.

The basis of my astrological activity is the spiritual, depth psychological and systemic approach.


Due to my personal and professional ethical attitude, I do not make any statements about the future, nor do I make any fixed predictions.

The human being has a free will according to his essence, this has to be respected.

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