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About the courage to grow

The best way to find out

what your heart really wants to tell you

and how your heart establishes the connection to your soul is to find someone who knows, understands, and has lived through this path himself. A person who sees you and recognizes your heart's desires, who can look deep into your soul and show you the way there and a part of the way to me

you go ...

W hen we stuck in times of change, but also in daily contact with people, whether with colleagues, customers and partners or family members often develop personal challenges. Sometimes situations arise in which we reach our own personal limits. We feel overwhelmed, overtaken by others or powerless. It is precisely at this point that it is important to look at it from the outside.

The core task of coaching is to accompany and support people in conflict, tension, upheaval and change processes. There are various effective methods that I use in such a way that a new structure is possible for you personally and you can systematically use what you have learned in your professional or private everyday life. This happens in a gentle way, without pressure to perform. The speed is adapted to your concerns, your person and your respective life situation.

When does coaching make sense?

If you want help at work or in everyday life

If you want to develop your personal skills

When you are faced with a career decision and you don't know how

If you want to get a grip on burnout or stress

If you keep having the same experience or conflicts in your work area

If you want professional support in situations of upheaval

When you are in a crisis and have lost track of everything

If you have challenges in partnership, family with children

When self-esteem problems and fears do not allow you to live out your full potential

Who is Felicitas Dej?

Felicitas is an experienced trainer, coach and psychotherapist. She accompanies women with down-to-earth specialist knowledge, but also with enthusiasm on their paths. Above all, women entrepreneurs with a social, advisory or therapeutic background who want to reposition themselves or who want to start their own business. Women who are in upheaval and crisis situations and want to break new ground.

As a fashion designer from her first job, she has gained extensive experience in addition to her creative work, in effective positioning, public relations and later, with many years as an entrepreneur, with a focus on being a woman, family and health.

As an entrepreneur, she made it possible, above all, for women who had little chances in the job market because they were single parents, were too "old" or did not fit in with their ideas, to implement new employment opportunities. Today her central topic and affair of the heart is to accompany women on their way to come to their own strengths, to say goodbye to dependencies, to find a new direction and to boldly break new ground.

We need many women who dare!

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