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New ways

When new paths call and modern ones

Spirituality & down to earth steps

do not form a contrast for you:

Let me inspire you

Nice that you're here.

What am I offering here?

Ich begleite Frauen

Ich begleite Frauen

wenn Aufbruchstimmung und neue Wege rufen

Ich inspiriere

Ich inspiriere

nach Innen zu reisen

Ich zeige auf

Ich zeige auf

Umbruchzeiten als Initialzündung zu sehen

Ich begleite

Ich begleite

wenn Klarheit fehlt

Ich erMUTige

Ich erMUTige

authentisch zu sein

Ich verabschiede

Ich verabschiede

begrenzende Glaubenssätze

Ich nutze

Ich nutze

moderne Spiritualität, Astrologie & Tiefenpsychologie

Ich berühre

Ich berühre

mit deiner Seelengeschichte

Meine Werkzeuge sind:

Meine Werkzeuge sind:

die Psychologische Astrologie, Individualpsychologie, systemische & reinkarnative Verfahren


About my

 coaching program

Online Grundkurs: Psychologische Astrologie / Block 1 beginnt am 12.04.2023.

Bis zum 30.03.2023 gibt es einen Early Bird Preis, INFO




When people ask me specifically about what I do for a living, my answer is:

For 20 years I have been working with "body, mind and soul" in "inspirational crisis management" and that with the tools that are currently available

Are EMERGENCY reversible.

What can you expect here?

You will learn how you as a woman master times of upheaval in life and develop the full potential of crisis gifts ..... learn more

1: 1

Which form of accompaniment you need can only be clarified in a personal conversation.

Whether astrological counseling, coaching, advanced training or psychotherapy is indicated depends on your problem, your concerns and your goals.

Use the contact form and let me know your request.


The university supports you in taking the first step, pursuing and realizing your dreams, with really inspiring impulses, tools and ideas that fit your personal life situation.

With professional coaching, advanced training and seminars in the field of individual psychology, astrology or personality development.


Current blog articles

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Here you can find the latest blog articles from the fields of psychology, women's business, spirituality and astrology

Current podcasts


In my podcast you will find inspiration on the topic:

Astrology and current quality of time, psychology - implemented for everyday use, spiced with a down-to-earth and modern spirituality. Much of what I pass on here is based on my 20 years of experience in therapeutic and advisory work with people and my own life story. I approve the podcast without wanting to be perfect. If I can inspire you to listen more to your inner responses, then my request has been fulfilled.





Vollmond im Skorpion& Halbschatten Mondf. 5.5.2023.jpg

Lüfte den Schleier... Vollmond im Skorpion & Halbschatten-Mondfinsternis 05.05.2023


Are you ready?

Saturn-Jupiter conjunction 12/21/2021


Courage my heart!

Full moon in Leo 28.01.2021

What others say:

Michaela Speda naturopath

I never thought that so much would be learned about me in a single psychological-astrological session. After your consultation, I begin to understand why some things are the way they are. You helped me to understand the past, to recognize my potential and to apply it purposefully in the now and in the future.

The audio recording of our session initiated by you gives me the opportunity to listen to the session again and again. And what should I say? Every time I become aware of a new detail in my story. You have the gift of conveying all contexts calmly and with a lot of empathy. That's why I can't help but recommend you again and again - to my own family, patients and friends.

Thank you for your great work!


Data protection

I have read the data protection declaration. By entering my data in this contact form, I agree that my details and data will be electronically collected and stored to answer my request. Important NOTE

You can revoke your consent at any time using our email, which is displayed on this contact page.

astonomical Uhr

Let your curiosity inspire you!

Many Thanks!

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